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Your Brand Should 
Be on Instagram

It's important for a business to adapt to changing trends and reach the correct audience. Social media can be a powerful tool in reaching your audience and Instagram is the fastest growing social network right now.

At this meetup we'll go over
- how Instagram users are different than Facebook or Twitter users
- how to get an Instagram business account
- The benefits of an Instagram business account
- Why an Instagram business account can help you with your personal brand or business

After the presentation, we'll have a half hour for questions and socializing/networking.

This session will be led by Christopher Lara. One day Christopher saw the light and how awesome Instagram could be for building a brand and driving site visitors. Since then he has grown his Instagram followers to over 27,000 in a few months. On his last six posts, he averaged 650 likes. This led to getting sponsored posts by companies like Coke and Sprite.

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